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It often happens when a man involved with one art attends a performance of another art we will say, “Ah, if we only my own art! I certainly would not sit by this way, a mere observer! He genuinely seems to believe his words, but I find them most unattractive. If a man is jealous of the experts in an art he does not know, it would be better if he said, “I’m jealous. Why didn’t I learn that?”

The man who makes a show of his own knowledge and contends with others is like a horned animal lowering its horns or a fanged animal baring its fangs. It is excellent in a man not to take pride in his good deeds and not to contend with others. An awareness of one’s superiority to others is a great failing. The man who considers himself superior, whether because of his high position, his artistic skill, or the glory of his ancestors, is much to blame, even if he does not voice his pride in words but keeps it in his heart. A man must guard against feelings of superiority and forget them. Nothing makes a man appear so stupid, arouses so much criticism by others, and invites such great disasters as pride.

A man who is truly accomplished in an art is well aware of his own faults, and his aspirations being always higher than his achievements, he will never boast of himself to others.

By Yoshida Kenkō, entry 167 of Essays in Idleness (translated by Donald Keene)